General refurbishment and alterations of the German Consulate General in Hong Kong, China

Location of the General Consulate


Location of the General Consulate

It is situated on the 21st floor of the “United Centre” in the “Central” district.

United Centre


United Centre

On Hong Kong Island, directly on Queensway.

United Centre


United Centre

Visa counter


Visa counter

Colour and material concept as in the 2013 requirements for the visa section.


Federal Republic of Germany represented by the Foreign Office

Processing period

2015 - 2017

Gross external area

approx. 1000 m²


Project planning
Work stages 1 - 9 of the Schedule of Services and Fees for Architects and Engineers (HOAI)

Measures taken

Alteration of the security entrance, visa sections, offices, kitchen and sanitary facilities in accordance with the security requirements. Visa counters according to the 2013 visa standards. Electrical and air-conditioning systems to be enhanced. The whole office level will be given a more pleasant and friendly character by a new light, colour and material concept in the ceilings, walls and floors.

The challenge

The construction work is to be carried out without closing the consular operations. Storage space for machines and materials is only available to a very limited extent. Noisy work may only be carried out at night.

Location of the General ConsulateUnited CentreUnited CentreVisa counter