New construction of the guard rooms, the gateway and the entire enclosing wall and partial refurbishment of the German Embassy in Niamey, Niger

The embassy building


The embassy building

Two storeys, partly erected on pillars.

The embassy building


The embassy building

Vehicle entrance to the embassy building - security in front of the entrance


Vehicle entrance to the embassy building - security in front of the entrance


Federal Republic of Germany represented by the Foreign Office

Processing period

2015 - 2017


General planning of the extension and refurbishment work; work stages 1 - 8 of the Schedule of Services and Fees for Architects and Engineers (HOAI)

Measures taken

Due to the tense security situation in West Africa, this construction work was necessary to reinforce the material security of the embassy. Replacement of the enclosing wall and the exterior guard rooms, replacement of the security elements and measures for preventive fire safety. Some areas of the building need additional refurbishment. Parallel extension work and partial refurbishment are being carried out. The raising of the enclosing wall, street protective measures and the construction of a barrier in front of the entrance were already implemented as immediate measures by a task force.

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